SFBay Biodiesel

I have a Cummins Diesel powered Dodge truck and it burns Biodiesel all the time. My favorite place to buy biodiesel is at Blue Sky BioFuels in Oakland, California.

Blue Sky BioFuels is happy to fill your fuel tank of your diesel car or truck with the alternative and sustainable biodiesel fuel, or they can fill up a drum or drums, and plastic cube containers. I normally show up on a Saturday every so often, get the truck filed up, and a 30 gallon drum and some cubes. This is to make my trips to Blue Sky BioFuels as efficient as possible. Most often I am paying around .50 cents less per gallon of great quality Biodiesel than I would for Dino Diesel at my local gas station.

Why buy Biodiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area for a diesel car or truck? First reason is that it tends to be much less polluting, and there is the fact that no wars are being fought to control oil drilling in far off foreign countries. Biodiesel at Blue Sky BioFuels is made from recycled fryer grease, and this is good for the environment as used oil is kept out of landfills, or not being used as animal feed.

And Biodiesel smells much better than Dino or Fossil Fuel Diesel.

Also my friends at Left Coast Diesel have a special on S&B Cold Air Intake Kit and MBRP Aluminized Exhaust with Tip Special for your Diesel Truck $999.00. This is installed! Whoosh!

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