Electronic Mouse Trap Review

We live close to open grasslands, and as a result can have a rather unsettling rodent population. The Owls and Hawks do their part to control mice and rats, but sometimes the birds of prey make themselves scarce. Over the years we’ve had mice, and the occasional rat get into the garage, or in the crawl space under the house or in the attic. I run around and fill holes that they use to access the house, but I think the rodents are more tenacious than I am.

A couple years ago I bought a Victor Electronic Rat trap, and more recently I bought a Rat Zapper. Both have killed their share of rats and mice, and both have missed their share of rats and mice. I’ve yet to come to any conclusion why they sometimes fail. Right now the Victor seems to be killing 2:1 ratio vs the Rat Zapper. Again, I’m not sure.

Typically one of the cats or the yappy dog warns us that there’s a critter in the house, by sitting in the general area, and intensely focusing on a cabinet or space behind the fridge or stove. I take out the traps make sure the batteries are charged, and then bait them.

For bait peanut butter, crackers, a chunk of salami, or smoked fish, or a slice of apple, or some cat or dog food seem to do the trick. Turn the traps on, and place them before going to bed. I always place the traps along a wall or appliance where the rodents will tend to travel. They smell the bait, can’t help themselves, and crawl inside, where, the are ZAPPED by electricity.

Just last week I got a mouse, and few weeks before another mouse.

And now I see the cat sitting in front of the stove, waiting patiently.

More to come…

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