My friends at Sirona Fuels in Oakland, California, have just announced they are re-branding their company, and going back to their old branding of Blue Sky Biofuels.

Blue Sky Biofuels are in same location and produce the same high quality beyond ASTM Biodiesel for use in Diesel cars and trucks that support B99 Biodiesel.

B99 Biodiesel is made from 99% non-dino or fossil fuels, rather it is made from recycled used restaurant fryer grease and oil. This keeps old cooking oil out of our sewer systems, out of landfills
and out of animal feedlots.

Blue Sky Biofuels is in the business to collect used cooking oil from restaurants, industry and even households, clean and filter it, and chemically convert it to ASTM Biofuel or biodiesel that can be used in compatible diesel vehicles for up to 70% less pollution from carbon and green house gases. In this day and age of global climate change, we have to take steps to reduce our use in fossil fuels, and help the environment. It’s up to our generation to work now to make it better for our children and grandchildren. Blue Sky Biofuels is committed to doing what is right, and reduce pollution while providing a valuable source of energy that might go wasted or used in a way that is toxic to the animals we raise for food. Yes, using cooking oil no longer fit for human consumption for animal feed is toxic to the animal. Blue Sky is a certified Bay Area Green Business.

We Buy Used Cooking Oil, Grease and Fats

Blue Sky Biofuels is located in Oakland, California, and we collect used cooking oil, fats and greasefree of charge from restaurants and industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and surrounding areas. Blue Sky Biofuels will pay industry rates for quantities of used cooking oil, grease and fats.

Grease Trap Cleaning

In addition to collecting used cooking oil, fats and greases, and making or producing biodiesel, Blue Sky also offers grease trap cleaning, pumping, and maintenance for restaurants and industry in the SFBay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area. Blue Sky Biofuels is the Bay Biodiesel source.

Where to recycle used cooking oil

Locations for Restaurant and industry used cooking oil, grease and fats collection and recycling: Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, SFBay, San Francisco Bay Area, SF Bay, Northern California.

Locations for Restaurant and industry used cooking oil, grease and fats collection and recycling: Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, SFBay, San Francisco Bay Area, SF Bay, Northern California.

Biofuel Locations:

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I run Biodiesel in my 1997 Dodge Ram with a 5.9 liter straight six Cummins. With the P7100 fuel injection pump, this diesel engine runs happily on B99 or B100 Biodiesel. It runs quieter since Biodiesel has more viscosity than petroleum based diesel, and it has as much power and gets as good as fuel mileage as diesel. The exhaust smells like fryer oil, and is much easier to smell than the acrid smell of the petro based diesel. And the biodiesel is about 70% less polluting than the fossil fuel diesel.

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Restaurant Fats, Oils, and Grease Collection

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Grease Trap Cleaning Service Locations

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Biodiesel Definitions

Fossil Fuels:
Petroleum Diesel:

ASTM biodiesel
ASTM Certified biodiesel

I have a Cummins Diesel powered Dodge truck and it burns Biodiesel all the time. My favorite place to buy biodiesel is at Blue Sky BioFuels in Oakland, California.

Blue Sky BioFuels is happy to fill your fuel tank of your diesel car or truck with the alternative and sustainable biodiesel fuel, or they can fill up a drum or drums, and plastic cube containers. I normally show up on a Saturday every so often, get the truck filed up, and a 30 gallon drum and some cubes. This is to make my trips to Blue Sky BioFuels as efficient as possible. Most often I am paying around .50 cents less per gallon of great quality Biodiesel than I would for Dino Diesel at my local gas station.

Why buy Biodiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area for a diesel car or truck? First reason is that it tends to be much less polluting, and there is the fact that no wars are being fought to control oil drilling in far off foreign countries. Biodiesel at Blue Sky BioFuels is made from recycled fryer grease, and this is good for the environment as used oil is kept out of landfills, or not being used as animal feed.

And Biodiesel smells much better than Dino or Fossil Fuel Diesel.

Also my friends at Left Coast Diesel have a special on S&B Cold Air Intake Kit and MBRP Aluminized Exhaust with Tip Special for your Diesel Truck $999.00. This is installed! Whoosh!

Going to Burning Man in your Diesel powered car, van or truck? If so, consider stopping by Sirona Fuels, now Blue Sky Bio-Fuels in Oakland and fill your tank up locally produced B99 Biodiesel that comes from locally collected used restaurant cooking oil recycled into biofuel. It’s good for the air, good for the planet, and it smells way better than petro diesel.

Blue Sky Bio Fuels sells Biodiesel at their production facility in Oakland, California. Blue Sky Biofuels is close to Berkeley, San Francisco and is centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BioFuel your diesel car and truck today!

It’s 2012, and the United States has seen yet another sharp increase in gas and diesel fuel prices in-spite of lower demand. The lower demand is no doubt related to the still stale economy and the resultant belt tightening from families with unemployed members, and from consumers fearful of the slow economy.

For me there are alternative fuels to run in my 97 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel Cummins. It readily accepts all mixes of Biodiesel including B99 and B100. I can burn Jet Fuel, Kerosene, and even veggie oil if I dilute it or heat it up to reduce viscosity.

When Diesel goes up I thank my lucky stars that my friends at Blue Sky BioFuels in Oakland can provide me with B99 Biodiesel at lower cost per gallon than petroleum based Diesel. I usually save 20 to 30 cents a gallon by buying biodiesel in the bay area. Occasionally I have to seek biofuel in Berkeley or other nearby towns if Blue Sky BioFuels is closed. Most of the time, they are open when I need biofuel, and I am a happy camper.

My truck smells like french fries. I use B100 BioDiesel in my 97 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel, and it loves it, and folks are always telling me, your truck exhaust smells like french fries. And of course if I use Biodiesel made from used donut cooking oil, then my exhaust would smell like donuts.

When I go to buy Biodiesel in Berkeley, I go a tiny bit further and end up at Blue Sky Bio Fuels in Oakland who is the source of much of the Biodiesel sold in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Life is good.

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