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Looking for a Concur Alternative for Expense Report Management, we discovered Tallie Expense Management.

Having used a variety of Expense Report software packages over the years, I know which ones work and which ones do not, at least in terms of usability. One ubiquitous package out there is Concur. The last version of their desktop software which I used to submit expenses to get reimbursed by my company for software engineering books, trade shows, etc was an absolute bear to use, took multiple attempts, and left me itchy.

Tallie - Concur Alternative
Concur did not support all the common browsers at the time, and seemed to only be interested in keeping Internet Explorer (IE) as it preferred browser, even though IE was busy losing it’s market share to Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Because of the outdated nature of the software, and it’s obtuse way of getting receipts and submitting, it quickly became a nightmare that none of my co-workers wanted to embark on. We hated Concur with a passion.

At the time, Concur had no mobile platform, which meant that we had to get a hard copy of a receipt, or an email copy of a receipt, generate a supported file format such as .jpg or .bmp and make sure it existed on our desktop computer, then go through the convoluted way of starting an expense, and then uploading the receipt. God forbid if it were in .png format or .pdf, because Concur did not support these formats. Bah.

At this point in the process, you’d then select some expense category which almost never, ever made any sense at all. Though I’ll admit this was probably fault of the bookkeepers at my company. Make a mistake at this juncture however, and you’d have to start all over again. Yep, there was no other way. Cancel first attempt, and make a second attempt. Often after a trade show, you’d notice my co-workers and I all filing expenses at the same time, and you’d hear cursing, and kvetching from all corners of the room.

We all longed for another expense report package that was mobile friendly, and even had a mobile app for iOS, and for Android, and just plain worked. A Concur Alternative had to exist.

And so it did, and does. Latest kid on the block that has about seven years of development under it’s belt is Tallie, the most excellent Alternative to Concur on the planet.

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