Contender for Best Sunflower Seeds

I was at 99Ranch yesterday to roam around and find interesting sauces and such for my home cooking. I came across a Sunflower Seed brand I’ve never seen before, so I got a bag to sample. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the seeds, size, in cleanness of flavor, highly reduced salt content, no wormy nasty seeds, and easy to open shells. These are light years ahead over David’s Seeds, and are clearly a contender for the best sunflower seeds for snacking.

ChaCha Sunflower Seeds Package Front

The brand is ChaCha Roasted Sunflower Seeds that come in Natural Flavor (The ones I bought.), Spiced Flavor, Chinese Pecan Flavor, Caramel, Jumbo, Rattan Pepper Flavor, Sea Salt and Coconut Flavor.

I love Sunflower Seeds, and constantly am looking for a new contender for the best sunflower seeds. ChaCha certainly is in the running, and I want to try all of the ChaCha Flavors, as I’m impressed with the quality of the Natural Flavor.

To learn more visit:

ChaCha SunFlower Seeds are available direct from, as well as Amazon, 99Ranch, etc.

ChaCha Sunflower Seeds are a product of Thailand.

For those of us with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity, ChaCha SunFlower Seeds are Gluten Free!

ChaCha Sunflower Seeds Package Back with Nutritional Information

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