Buy and Sell Excess Electronic Components

Manufacturers of electronics buy massive amounts of electronic parts and components. Because of minimum order requirements these manufacturers often end up with excess inventory sitting in their warehouses. Some companies do not want to sell these components with their names attached to the sale for publicity issues, or they just don’t want to deal with the logistics and effort of selling these products. As a result companies often throw away these components which find their way in landfills. MOQller provides an anonymous method of connecting buyers who are looking to with no minimum order quantity, and sellers of these excess electronic components seeking to clear out excess and surplus inventory.

Buy and sell excess electronic components

On the other hand there are companies looking to buy and sell excess electronic components to fill out their Bill of Materials (BOM) but struggle to find suppliers who can fill their order and to do so at affordable prices. Those parts often exist in a warehouse gathering dust, taking up space and doing no one any good at all. But there is a chance here to connect companies to companies and allow exchange of these surplus electronic parts and chips, and to do so in an affordable way for the purchasing company, and to help the selling company get rid of parts that they no longer want or need, and to do so . MOQller connects buyers and sellers of excess electronic components.

Connect manufacturer buyer and sellers to help them buy and sell excess electronic components

The big question is how to connect these manufacturers and let them buy and sell electronic components without actually knowing each other. A new company called promises to help companies and manufacturers sell surplus and excess electronic components, parts and chips easily, clear out warehouse clutter, get back some of their investment, and to do so without anyone knowing who they are. On the other hand, MOQller promises to help companies find chips and other electronics to fill their BOM, without minimal order requirements (MOQ) and to do so anonymously also. The buyer saves money by not having to purchase much more than they need, and because the parts are surplus, they can be much less expensive than parts purchased in the normal supply chain.

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