Biodiesel Advocates Heading to Capitol Hill

NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ben Evans/NBB [email protected]; 202-997-1919 June 11, 2013 Biodiesel Advocates Heading to Capitol Hill Producers Advocating for Strong Renewable Fuels Policy WASHINGTON – More than 100 biodiesel advocates from across the country are visiting Capitol Hill today urging Congress to support a strong Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Participants include biodiesel producers, […]

SFBay Biodiesel

I have a Cummins Diesel powered Dodge truck and it burns Biodiesel all the time. My favorite place to buy biodiesel is at Blue Sky BioFuels in Oakland, California. Blue Sky BioFuels is happy to fill your fuel tank of your diesel car or truck with the alternative and sustainable biodiesel fuel, or they can […]

BioFuel for Burning Man

Going to Burning Man in your Diesel powered car, van or truck? If so, consider stopping by Sirona Fuels, now Blue Sky Bio-Fuels in Oakland and fill your tank up locally produced B99 Biodiesel that comes from locally collected used restaurant cooking oil recycled into biofuel. It’s good for the air, good for the planet, […]

Green Tech in Lubrication and Hydraulics

There is a Green Tech Revolution in Lubrication and Hydraulics happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lubricating oils and Hydraulic Fluids normally made from the finite resource Fossil Fuels, are being re-invented and manufactured using the Greenest of technology. These new Lubrication Oils and Hydraulic Fluids are being made with Plant Based Oils as […]