Grease Trap Cleaning San Francisco

Restaurants have a tiny bit of a problem with used cooking fats, oil and grease clogging up their own plumbing as well as public sewer pipes. As a result of this it is illegal in most metropolitan areas for restaurateurs to dump their grease down the drain. And so restaurants install grease traps on all kitchen sink drains leading to the sewer system. The grease traps separate out fats, oils and grease (aka F.O.G. or FOG) from the water and store it until the grease trap is pumped out or cleaned.

San Francisco, and most counties and cities in the Northern California Area require that these grease traps be installed at all restaurants. The laws also state that grease traps must be properly maintained, and grease trap cleaning and pumping contact Blue Sky Bio Fuels to arrange grease trap cleaning service

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