I have a Cummins Diesel powered Dodge truck and it burns Biodiesel all the time. My favorite place to buy biodiesel is at Blue Sky BioFuels in Oakland, California.

Blue Sky BioFuels is happy to fill your fuel tank of your diesel car or truck with the alternative and sustainable biodiesel fuel, or they can fill up a drum or drums, and plastic cube containers. I normally show up on a Saturday every so often, get the truck filed up, and a 30 gallon drum and some cubes. This is to make my trips to Blue Sky BioFuels as efficient as possible. Most often I am paying around .50 cents less per gallon of great quality Biodiesel than I would for Dino Diesel at my local gas station.

Why buy Biodiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area for a diesel car or truck? First reason is that it tends to be much less polluting, and there is the fact that no wars are being fought to control oil drilling in far off foreign countries. Biodiesel at Blue Sky BioFuels is made from recycled fryer grease, and this is good for the environment as used oil is kept out of landfills, or not being used as animal feed.

And Biodiesel smells much better than Dino or Fossil Fuel Diesel.

Also my friends at Left Coast Diesel have a special on S&B Cold Air Intake Kit and MBRP Aluminized Exhaust with Tip Special for your Diesel Truck $999.00. This is installed! Whoosh!

My truck smells like french fries. I use B100 BioDiesel in my 97 Dodge Ram Turbo Diesel, and it loves it, and folks are always telling me, your truck exhaust smells like french fries. And of course if I use Biodiesel made from used donut cooking oil, then my exhaust would smell like donuts.

When I go to buy Biodiesel in Berkeley, I go a tiny bit further and end up at Blue Sky Bio Fuels in Oakland who is the source of much of the Biodiesel sold in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Life is good.

Berkeley Biodiesel Station
Biodiesel Berkeley
Oakland Biodiesel
Biodiesel Station

Restaurants have a tiny bit of a problem with used cooking fats, oil and grease clogging up their own plumbing as well as public sewer pipes. As a result of this it is illegal in most metropolitan areas for restaurateurs to dump their grease down the drain. And so restaurants install grease traps on all kitchen sink drains leading to the sewer system. The grease traps separate out fats, oils and grease (aka F.O.G. or FOG) from the water and store it until the grease trap is pumped out or cleaned.

San Francisco, and most counties and cities in the Northern California Area require that these grease traps be installed at all restaurants. The laws also state that grease traps must be properly maintained, and grease trap cleaning and pumping contact Blue Sky Bio Fuels to arrange grease trap cleaning service

The San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California has thousands of restaurants who end up with massive amounts of used fats, cooking oil, and grease (F.O.G.) from their fryers. In the past Restaurateurs paid to remove this FOG from their establishments, but now-a-days, there are many companies competing to collect this valuable commodity and pay the restaurateurs cold hard cash for the privilege.

Used cooking oil is a valuable resource for the BioFuels industry, where it is most often converted to BioDiesel through a chemical process called trans esterfication. Old cooking oil is filtered, dried to remove water, and then heated and combined with a catalyst, separated into glycerine, and BioDiesel, washed and dried, and then used in Diesel Vehicles for fuel. This is perhaps the best use of fats, oils, and grease, since the old cooking oil is removed from the food chain.

Other uses for used restaurant fryer oil is for animal fattening in feed lots just before slaughter. The animals are fed a potent mixer of rendered animals, and fats and corn for increased caloric intake. This feed is actually toxic to the animals if they are fed it for an extended period. Also, you have to wonder about the effects on animal fed food made from it’s own kind, and being fed something no longer considered fit for human consumption. I think used cooking oil is best used locally as biodiesel feed stock.

I have been burning BioDiesel in my 97 Dodge Ram for about a year and a half now. The truck loves the stuff, and I love it because I’m doing something to reduce pollution. BioDiesel is about 70% less polluting than regular diesel, and it’s non-toxic compared to the very toxic dino diesel.

Trying to buy BioDiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area would appear to be not quite so easy. But there is an SFBay producer of BioDiesel called Sirona Fuels, aka Blue Sky BioFuels who also sells locally produced BioDiesel at their Oakland, California location. You can buy biodiesel in sfbay at reasonable prices that often are less expensive than Dino Diesel. Sirona produces Biodiesel that meets and exceeds ASTM Specifications. ASTM Standards insure that BioDiesel is of the highest quality. See ASTM Standards for BioDiesel for more information.

Sirona Fuels is centrally located in Northern California, SFBay, Oakland, and is easily accessible for businesses and individuals in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you live in the bay area and need free Recycling of fats, oil, and grease in San Francisco, then you should contact Sirona for free grease pickup, and if you have grease traps, Sirona can give you a quote on cleaning these.

Sirona Fuels is the only commercial producer of BioFuels in the SF Bay, and in addition to selling Biodiesel to both commercial and retail customers in Northern California, Sirona Fuels also buys and accepts donations of used fats, cooking oil and grease from Bay Area restaurants. Sirona Fuels removes it from the food chain and recycles it into biodiesel. Sirona helps make the greater San Francisco Bay Area a cleaner and healthier environment.

Sirona Fuels has Free collection and recycling of Used Fats, Cooking Oil, and Grease in San Francisco, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the Following Northern California Locations: