BioDiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area

I have been burning BioDiesel in my 97 Dodge Ram for about a year and a half now. The truck loves the stuff, and I love it because I’m doing something to reduce pollution. BioDiesel is about 70% less polluting than regular diesel, and it’s non-toxic compared to the very toxic dino diesel.

Trying to buy BioDiesel in the San Francisco Bay Area would appear to be not quite so easy. But there is an SFBay producer of BioDiesel called Sirona Fuels, aka Blue Sky BioFuels who also sells locally produced BioDiesel at their Oakland, California location. You can buy biodiesel in sfbay at reasonable prices that often are less expensive than Dino Diesel. Sirona produces Biodiesel that meets and exceeds ASTM Specifications. ASTM Standards insure that BioDiesel is of the highest quality. See ASTM Standards for BioDiesel for more information.

Sirona Fuels is centrally located in Northern California, SFBay, Oakland, and is easily accessible for businesses and individuals in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you live in the bay area and need free Recycling of fats, oil, and grease in San Francisco, then you should contact Sirona for free grease pickup, and if you have grease traps, Sirona can give you a quote on cleaning these.

Sirona Fuels is the only commercial producer of BioFuels in the SF Bay, and in addition to selling Biodiesel to both commercial and retail customers in Northern California, Sirona Fuels also buys and accepts donations of used fats, cooking oil and grease from Bay Area restaurants. Sirona Fuels removes it from the food chain and recycles it into biodiesel. Sirona helps make the greater San Francisco Bay Area a cleaner and healthier environment.

Sirona Fuels has Free collection and recycling of Used Fats, Cooking Oil, and Grease in San Francisco, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the Following Northern California Locations:

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