Recycle Your Used Turkey Fry Oil

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and Christmas will soon follow. During this holiday season a lot of folks fry up Turkeys. After the Turkeys get fried, the oil very often gets dumped down the drain, clogging up pipes, or it goes to the land fill or sits outside or in a garage until it festers. Don’t waste this valuable resource. Recycle your used turkey fry oil!.

I have had Fried Turkey, and it’s to die for. Great stuff, crispy on the outside and moist and tender for both the white meat and the dark meat. Most of the time it appears that the cooking oil gets used once and then it get disposed up in a less than environmental way. It’s a shame, since the oil is not at all used up and simple filtering will allow many other Turkeys to get fried.

Once the oil is ready to be recycled, it can be filtered, dried to remove any water, and then converted to Bio Diesel . BioDiesel is as much as 70% less polluting than Dino Diesel, and is non toxic contrary to normal Diesel. It’s a good thing to recycle your used cooking oil that you cooked your Turkey in.

Many times used cooking oil, especially that which comes from Restaurants gets put back into the food chain. Companies that Render the used oil use it to supplement animal feed. Many times this oil is rancid and contaminated by harsh cleaning chemicals by the time the rendering company picks up the used restaurant oil.

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