Biodiesel and Recycled Cooking Oil

I’ve been running BioDiesel over the past year and a half in my 97 Dodge Diesel. The truck loves it, the exhaust has a pleasant frier aroma, and I feel good about driving my big truck all while polluting less. I’ve been getting my BioDiesel from Blue Sky Bio Fuels (aka Blue Sky Bio-Fuels) in Oakland. They are very nice folks, and I always leave with a full tank, and additional cubie containers of B100 for later use.

BlueSky Bio-Fuels, as far as I can tell, is the only commercial Biodiesel producer of B99-B100 in the San Francisco Bay area. BlueSky Bio-Fuels offers free used cooking oil collection for restaurants for all of the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, the East Bay, the North Bay and the South Bay, as well as Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco etc. If you are interested in free used cooking oil collection then giving BlueSky BioFuels a call is a good thing for the environment, and you rest assured that the oil will be converted to biodiesel, and taken out of the food chain. Did you know that a lot of used cooking oil gets added to animal feed?

There are also a number of convenient Bay Area Drop Off Locations for Used Cooking Oil that will be recycled into Bio Fuel.

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