Heavy Duty Diesel Transmission Rebuild – Left Coast Diesel

Yep, the Dodge with the Cummins and it’s massive torque are mighty hard on a stock transmission. I’m budgeting for a Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Rebuild in Northern California at Left Coast Diesel over in Concord, CA (North East San Francisco Bay).

My friends over at Left Coast Diesel specialize in high performance and towing transmissions for Dodge trucks and are 6.0 liter Ford Experts, with over 200 Ford 6.0 Diesel Head Stud Jobs to date.

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One thought on “Heavy Duty Diesel Transmission Rebuild – Left Coast Diesel”

  1. I was looking for East Bay diesel service, and found the guys at Left Coast Diesel. My truck ran like crap, and the dealer did not have a clue. LCD guys found the very simple issue, fixed it and I’m happy, truck runs better than it ever has, and now has more power than ever. I highly recommend these guys!

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