Plant-Based Hydraulic Fluid and Industrial Lubricants

Spent a little bit of time over at Sirona Fuels this afternoon filling my Dodge Diesel truck and a bunch of 5 gallon totes with BioDiesel. The Cummins loves the BioDiesel that Stig Westling and crew make from recycled used restaurant cooking oil. I love it because it doesn’t have the stench of petroleum based diesel, and I love it because the B99 is much less polluting than Dino Diesel, and it smells like whatever was cooked in it. Sometimes my exhaust smells more like French Fries, and sometimes more like Donuts, or a combination of the two as well as other stuff. The Biodiesel is also a great solvent and you’ll end up wit a much cleaner fuel system running B99 or B100 than if you run petroleum based fuel. Great Stuff.

Non-Toxic Hydraulic Fluid

Skip-to-Renew non-toxic hydraulic fluid

non-toxic biodegrable multi-purpose grease
While I was at Sirona Fuels, Stig showed me a giant 330 gallon tote full of just made Bio-based Hydraulic Fluid. It’s plant based, and has zero petroleum ingredients and so it is non-toxic, highly biodegradable, and cost effective. I got goose bumps while checking the non-toxic hydraulic fluid out, and considering the benefit to companies and industries all over America, and the World.

Stig Westling of Skip-to-Renew shows his bio-based hydraulic fluid And if this hydraulic fluid spilled in an ecologically sensitive area it breaks down very quickly and will not poison the animals and plants.

Stig is heading up a new company called Skip to Renew, which is producing non-toxic and biodegradable, bio, plant, and algae based lubricants for industrial use, bicycles, hydraulic devices etc.
non-toxic biodegradable bicycle chain lubricant

non-toxic biodegradable cutting oil

There is a Green Tech Revolution in Lubrication and Hydraulics happening in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lubricating oils and Hydraulic Fluids normally made from the finite resource Fossil Fuels, are being re-invented and manufactured using the Greenest of technology. These new Lubrication Oils and Hydraulic Fluids are being made with Plant Based Oils as their main source instead of dino oils pumped from the ecological fragile ground and oceans. Plant based oils and hydraulic fluids are biodegradable, sustainable and non-polluting, and they are carbon neutral; an increasingly important consideration in our fight against Global Climate Change.

Three young start up companies are working together along with industry and higher education to combine their knowledge and research into finding new uses for Plant Based Oils and reducing and eventually eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels sourced locally, nationally and internationally. It is the right thing to do. We must radically reduce our dependence on fossil fuels or perish as a civilization.

Sirona Fuels in Oakland, CA, takes used cooking oils, and Jotropha plant oils, and processes them into BioDiesel. The BioDiesel is up to 70% less polluting than Fossil Fuel based Diesel, and recycles an exhausted cooking oil instead of dumping it down the drain, abandoned in land fills or turned into a toxic brew of animal food for feedlot cattle, and other factory farmed animals, and pets. Bay Area Biofuel is available at Blue Sky Bio Fuels. If you live in the Bay Area, and are seeking San Francisco Biofuel, Berkeley Biofuel, Oakland Biofuel and General Bay Area Biofuel, it can pay off in savings, and in you doing the right thing by buying your ASTM Biodiesel from Sirona Fuels.

Skip To Renew produces Lubrication Oils based on Algae and other Plants, for bicycle chains, and other mechanical components, and it produces industrial hydraulic fluids for many uses. Skip to Renew’s Re:cyclist brand of chain lube has been tested on all types of bicycle chains, both in clean and dusty, muddy environments. Skip to Renew offers two versions of their bike chain lube: Re:Cyclist
Race Day Bike Chain Lube, and Re:Cyclist Everyday Bike Chain Lube. These bike chain lubes keep your chain quiet and efficient, clean, and they are Bio-degradable Chain Lube.

Urban Algae grows Algae, and extracts algae oil for use in lubricants and hydraulic fluids, and has researched, invented and produced innovative Algae PhotoBioreactor.

My family has six bicycles, all of which were needing a good chain lube. Some of the bikes had never seen any lube at all since new, and others had gone a long time without lubrication, and my mountain bike had a rather rough and nasty ride the last time I took it out of the garage. That rough ride had me climbing dusty trails, and zooming down wet muddy trails, and making water crossings that had my sprockets and chain all getting soaked, dusty, muddy, and just plain filthy. It was so filthy that my shifting suffered, and the chain skipped cogs. It wasn’t just missing lubrication, it was actually kinking up. So I took a bottle of Skip to Renew chain lube and soaked the chain, and then scrubbed it using a tooth brush, and finally completely washed it using the Skip-to-Renew Re:Cyclist lube. Wiped off the excess with a rag, and my seemingly worn out chain was suddenly very happy, very quiet and my gear shifts were precise, and immediate. No searching for a gear. It just snicked into gear happily. Cool!

Was thinking about my good fortune, and looked in my garage for other things to lube.Spied my PowerMover boat dolly with a 1/2 horsepower electric motor, and it’s non-o-ring chain, and gave it the same Re:Cyclist treatment that I gave my bike chain. Wow! the motor no longer strains to move my boat up my sloped driveway, and of course the chain is as quiet as can be.

Next I spied my motorcycle sitting there all neglected. This bike has a non-o-ring chain also, and had been suffering from a kink or two. Out came the Re:cyclist chain lube, and in a short time I had a beautiful quiet, clean, and non kinking motorcycle chain.

I am jazzed. The Re:Cyclist chain lube works wonders with old funky grimy chains, both motorcycle, bicycle and industrial. It cleans, lubes and frees up sticking links. And what I really dig is that the lube is bio-degradable, is made with plant based oils, and it just bloody works.

I’m going to try the Re:Cyclist plant based biodegradable lubricant on my bicycle and motorcycle cables next. The bike has a mighty stiff clutch cable. Think I’ll use it lube all the mechanical joints too.

Increased demand for fossil fuels and the resulting competition and conflict makes it ever more clear and obvious that we must decrease our dependence on petroleum. Our insatiable thirst for energy fueled by coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear power plants has created or greatly contributed to global climate change, pollution and death and misery of all of the planets human and animal inhabitants.

Climate change is bringing huge swings in temperature and changes in precipitation, temperature and violent weather activity. World wide crop failure due to climate change leads to starvation and conflict. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce and difficult to obtain, corporations rely on dangerous and highly polluting techniques to extract fuel from deep underground, under sea, and from saturated oil sands and shale. Ground water is being made unsafe by this activity and making areas uninhabitable.

The answer to our problems lies on many fronts.

First we must find alternatives to powering our economies with fossil fuels. The most obvious source of energy is the sun, wind, water and plants.

People in companies such as Blue Sky Bio Fuels, Skip to Renew, and Urban Algae are leading the way to decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Blue Sky BioFuels recycles used restaurant cooking oil and processes it into less polluting and non-toxic biodegradable biofuel and ASTM biodiesel. This used cooking oil otherwise gets dumped into landfills or poured down the drain clogging sewage systems. It also gets used for (toxic to the animal) livestock feed in industrial feedlots.

Skip to Renew manufactures and distributes non-polluting and non-toxic plant and algae based oils and lubricants for industry and consumers. Plant based Bicycle Chain Lube is Skip to Renew’s first product to be introduced. Plant based greases, and hydraulic fluids are in development.

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Urban Algae is developing algae industry for creating algae based oils, and food for the 21st century. Urban Algae has designed algae photobioreactors for growing algae.

Urban Algae designs and provides accessible and scalable solutions for growing and processing Algae.