Algae for Bio Fuels and Lubricants

Increased demand for fossil fuels and the resulting competition and conflict makes it ever more clear and obvious that we must decrease our dependence on petroleum. Our insatiable thirst for energy fueled by coal, petroleum, natural gas and nuclear power plants has created or greatly contributed to global climate change, pollution and death and misery of all of the planets human and animal inhabitants.

Climate change is bringing huge swings in temperature and changes in precipitation, temperature and violent weather activity. World wide crop failure due to climate change leads to starvation and conflict. As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce and difficult to obtain, corporations rely on dangerous and highly polluting techniques to extract fuel from deep underground, under sea, and from saturated oil sands and shale. Ground water is being made unsafe by this activity and making areas uninhabitable.

The answer to our problems lies on many fronts.

First we must find alternatives to powering our economies with fossil fuels. The most obvious source of energy is the sun, wind, water and plants.

People in companies such as Blue Sky Bio Fuels, Skip to Renew, and Urban Algae are leading the way to decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Blue Sky BioFuels recycles used restaurant cooking oil and processes it into less polluting and non-toxic biodegradable biofuel and ASTM biodiesel. This used cooking oil otherwise gets dumped into landfills or poured down the drain clogging sewage systems. It also gets used for (toxic to the animal) livestock feed in industrial feedlots.

Skip to Renew manufactures and distributes non-polluting and non-toxic plant and algae based oils and lubricants for industry and consumers. Plant based Bicycle Chain Lube is Skip to Renew’s first product to be introduced. Plant based greases, and hydraulic fluids are in development.

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Urban Algae is developing algae industry for creating algae based oils, and food for the 21st century. Urban Algae has designed algae photobioreactors for growing algae.

Urban Algae designs and provides accessible and scalable solutions for growing and processing Algae.

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