Blue Bottle – Giant Steps

Ran out of coffee yesterday and so I stopped by Blue Bottle at the Ferry Building on the way home and paid the premium for a pound of Giant Steps. This is a dense bodied, choc full of choco flavors blend of Sumatra and Uganda coffees. It is advertised as a press pot / french press sort of blend, but I’m here to tell you that Monsieur Mazzer Mini and Miss Silvia dig it as much as I do.

Had to reduce the grind a full notch on Monsieur Mazzer Mini since the crema was honey dense and once I had done this the shots were picture perfect with only one of six having any hint of channeling. No bitterness, only the rich creamy choco goodness. I had two double ristrettos straight up and has as happy as a pig in mud. Then I pulled four more double ristrettos for a latte for my wife and a latte for myself.

Giant Steps is now my favorite blend. Well, my favorite until the next one. Will have to go visit Fabrice Moschetti and beg him to roast me up a big batch of his organic goodness. I much prefer to get my beans from Moschetti since Fabrice is the nicest fellow this side of the Bay, and his coffee is extra fantastic, and because I’m of the mindset of supporting my local Micro Roaster of Organic Coffee.

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