Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Espresso

Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Espresso

Latte art from Ethiopian Amaro Gayo

Moschetti Espresso, the San Francisco Bay Area (Vallejo) Coffee Roasting company, has been knocking me out with their latest offerings from Ethiopia. We are not getting the Blue Berry Bombs of a few years ago, but we are getting mellow, milk chocolate bombs that are making my taste buds ever so happy.

This month Moschetti got in a fresh new batch of Ethiopian Amaro Gayo in a medium Espresso roast. My shots are effortless and easy to dial in, and I am rewarded each morning with massive crema, and all it’s silky mouth feel. Milk chocolate with a hint of fruit, and with milk an amazing richness.

For espresso equipment I use a Rancilio Miss Silvia with a PID temperature controller, and an oversize bottomless portafilter, and a professional Mazzer Mini burr grinder. You can tell when a coffee is not so fresh by how much splattering you get and how impossible it is to get a great shot. Since Moschetti roasts five days a week, you are insured that you getting uber fresh coffee. Sometimes the bean really needs a bit of age to get the best espresso shot. Day 1-5 are actually very difficult to deal with and you end up with mountains of crema on top of too bright and citrus flavors. Wait a day or two more, and you are rewarded with a very complex demitasse of incredible goodness.

Starting the day out with a beautiful shot of espresso is the only way to start my engine. I am very lucky to have a roaster just a few minutes away who knows how to roast a perfect and freshest coffee bean for espresso.

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