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My 5 1/2 year old son is obsessed with everything toy, tv and movie related to Power Rangers, Ninjago, Ninjitsu, Ninjas, Beyblades, martial arts etc. Trouble is these toys and shows all exist to sell additional products and have little to nothing to do with being a modern warrior or martial arts.

We decided to check out the various Vallejo Martial Arts Schools in the area. One school came highly recommended by the Vallejo Moms Club members, and that was the Seibukan Jujutsu. taught at the Modern Warrior Arts Academy and Vallejo Martial Arts at 349 Georgia Street in downtown Vallejo. Sensei Bear Roberts had a great reputation for being an excellent and effective teacher for kids, teens and adults. So, we signed him up for Jujutsu lessons with Sensei Bear. I was to participate, by partnering with my son and help with his form, and be a motivating force. Well, after a couple classes I decided to sign up also, since we were both having so much fun.

Class starts with warm ups to help insure that muscles are warm, and stretched, and help prevent injuries. Also the exercises are meant to also help with the fundamental techniques of the art, and to help with proper form. There are a lot of very good exercises we do, that I also practice out of class, the wrist strengthening and stretches, foot and leg stretches, etc.

Then we practice falling safely by doing forward and backward shoulder rolls. This one thing has loosened up my back and shoulders, and has made me feel better than I have in a long time. Rolling around moves your spine, and I think helps adjust it much like a chiropractor might. It was a bit scary at first standing straight up, and reaching out and falling to your hands, and rolling on the mat, but I’m able to do it, and not hurt myself, and I love it!

We are now into our second month, and we are learning Awareness and to be both physically and mentally present in the moment. Assessment of the options we have, and finally Action.

seibukan jujutsu

My son loves rolling, and he has great form. Other kids show up for the class, and it’s a hoot helping the kids have fun, and

Vallejo Martial Arts
Seibukan Jujutsu

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