Seibukan Jujutsu

Seibukan Jujutsu 2012 TaiKai Gathering
Just back from the 2012 Seibukan Jujutsu TaiKai, a gathering of Seibukan Jujutsu martial arts practitioners from all over the United States and World Wide. The art is gaining momentum as folks join up to improve their self defense techniques, and improve their mental acuity and focus, and personal development.

The TaiKai was held in beautiful Monterey, California, at the headquarters for Seibukan Jujutsu.

There were over 80 Seibukan Jujutsu Martial Artists in attendance and the majority of those held Black Belt ranking. Kancho Turibio

What is Seibukan Jujutsu?
Seibukan Jujutsu is an effective and practical martial art developed for self protection as well as personal development. Based on ancient tradition, Seibukan Jujutsu has been developed to meet the needs of the modern day warrior. It’s Japanese roots and Shiatsu healing art, make it unique among other systems. The name, Seibukan describes the art. Seibukan means (Sei = correct, Bu = martial discipline, Kan = House) the house of correct martial arts.

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