Stopped by Moschetti Espresso on Saturday and got to sample a new lighter roast Moschetti Dolce Espresso. The espresso was roasted that morning, and so we got to enjoy the freshest possible coffee.

I was made the afternoon Barista, and I happily pulled shots for Fabrice and the crew from the Classic Conte Lever Espresso Machine. I love this machine. A few shots later I had the grind and tamp dialed in and we got to enjoy an intoxicating coffee that produces a huge aroma and crema and was sweet with a big burst of yummy flavor.

I also got to sample a just roasted batch of Guatemalan Espresso. This coffee has a more savory note compared to the Dolce Espresso, and has enormous chocolate and notes caramel and other wonderful flavors I’m still digesting.

Moschetti Guatemala Espresso

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