Macromedia Freehand Vs Adobe Illustrator

I’ve been using both Freehand and Illustrator for years. Hands down, if I start a new illustration I use Freehand. It just feels more intuitive than Illustrator. Alas, Adobe bought Macromedia a few years back and they immediately put Freehand into a limbo of not upgrading it as OS’s updated. Funny thing Adobe still offers Freehand for sale though they have no plans of supporting it. Adobe should either update the arguably best vector based drawing program Freehand so it will run perfectly on modern Mac and Windows Operating Systems, or they should release Freehand to the Open Source community or offer it up for sale to a competing company. And if Adobe refuses to do so then Anti Trust lawsuits should be filed. It is unreasonable to hold the Freehand community hostage and let the best drawing program whither.

I love the best drawing program in the world, and that is still Macromedia Freehand.

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