New ceramic or porcelain coffee filter holder

porcelain coffee filter holder
Was lamenting the fact that the coffee pot at work always puts out a bit of a funk coffee. I suppose this has something to do with the coffee pot being dirty very often, and due to the fact that the thermos the coffee is stored in is also dirty.

Decided that I’d just get myself a simple drip coffee filter holder and a pound of my favorite fresh Moschetti Coffee and grind it up fresh at work and brew directly to my cup. Looked at Walgreens, looked at Macy’s and a few other stores and no one had simple drip coffee filter holders. They were happy to sell me a fancy electric coffee pot though. That was annoying.

Ok, stopped at Blue Bottle and of course they had them in stock with the #4 filters. Cool.

Now, that’s better. Good fresh, rich coffee and none of that dirty pot funk.

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