Dramm Touch N Flow Watering Wand Review

Dramm Touch N Flow Watering Wand

We have a good size yard with plants out front and fruit trees and raised beds out back. We do a lot of watering. So we have hoses all over the place, and a variety of spray nozzles. The one that gets used the most is the Touch N Flow Wand by Dramm. It’s an extended 30″ wand with a handle back at where the hose connects. It’s non adjustable for flow, other than amount of pressure you apply to the handle. Most of the time the gentle cascade of water works perfect at full tilt boogey.  Because the lever is hinged at one end it takes little hand pressure to start the water going. If a long session of watering is desired, you can use the handy wire hold down for the handle to help prevent fatigue.

We love this Touch N Flow Wand, but much to our dismay, the handle broke, and I confirmed my fears with the Dramm customer service that it was not repairable. I was resigned to heading down the the hardware store and getting another. But to my utter surprise and delight, the Dramm Customer Service representative said that it has a life time warranty and that they’d be sending me a new one. Joy! We will get a new Touch N Flow Wand, and it will not cost us anything.  That my friends is superior customer service. I highly recommend buying Dramm’s products since they work well, and they are completely covered by a generous and fair warranty. I can’t wait to get the best watering wand connected to the hose.  Huzzah!

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