Rat Zapper Review

Rat Zapper Review

Rat Zapper
Decided to get another electronic rat and mouse trap since fall is here and winter rains are on their way. With the cold and wet, the mice and rats will try to get in to the garage, and eventually make their way under the floors, to the warm cozy kitchen where they can find food. One rat trap is not enough.

Since the Victor Rat Trap was less than perfect, thought I’d give a Rat Zapper a go, and while I”m at it review it.
rat zapper and victor rat trap
The Rat Zapper is heavier than the Victor Electronic Mouse – Rat trap, and larger. Neither trap is particularly grippy, meaning those with smaller hands, and dry skin will have trouble keeping hold of the traps, especially with the Rat Zapper.

Packaging of the Rat Zapper

The Packaging is minimal, a simple cardboard box, easy to open, and if need to store the Rat Zapper. The box indicates that 4 D-sized batteries are required, and that they can give you up to one year for stand by use. The Rat and Mouse Zapper packaging does give a consumer quite of bit of information on the outside of the package, including a quick start guide to using your new Rat and Mouse Zapper. Unlike the Victor Electronic Rat Trap I bought the Rat Zapper Electronic rodent trap provides printed instructions inside of the box, as well as a trouble shooting guide, and instructions on getting technical support and repairs as need be.

The instructions also tell you how to safely clean the rat zapper machine, and how to bait it, and where to place it for optimal results. Again, the Victor Mouse and Rat Trap does not come with these simple instructions. It makes me wonder if somehow the packaging of my Victor Mouse Trap was somehow lacking in supplied literature, warranty and instructions.

Over the years I’ve determined that some rodents are pickier than others when it comes to bait. I have used peanut butter, salami, raisins, bread, crackers, cheese, dog food, cat food, smoked tuna, fresh apples and pears, etc all with varying success. Peanut Butter tends to be a consistent performer for rat and mouse bait. But on those days when I know there are varmints in the house or garage.