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June 11, 2013

Biodiesel Advocates Heading to Capitol Hill

Producers Advocating for Strong Renewable Fuels Policy

WASHINGTON – More than 100 biodiesel advocates from across the country are visiting Capitol Hill today urging Congress to support a strong Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Participants include biodiesel producers, distributors and feedstock suppliers representing more than two dozen states.

“The petroleum lobby is making a lot of noise about renewable fuels and we’re coming to town to make sure that Congress hears the other side of the story,” said Todd Ellis, vice president of sales and business development at Seattle-based Imperium Renewables. “Despite what you might hear, the RFS is working, and we’re building a new American fuels industry that is creating jobs, producing cleaner fuel, and ultimately helping consumers.”

“We’ll be reminding Congress that biodiesel is an EPA-designated Advanced Biofuel that is here today and that is exceeding its RFS targets, with two consecutive years of 1 billion gallon production,” Ellis added.

The biodiesel leaders, visiting Washington for an annual membership meeting of the National Biodiesel Board, represent the broad diversity in the industry, with participation from states including California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

During their Hill visits, they also will advocate for a long-term extension of the biodiesel tax incentive, which is slated to expire again at the end of the year.

“No matter how much domestic oil and gas we find through fracking or new drilling, consumers will continue getting hurt by unstable global petroleum markets until we develop alternatives to oil,” said Anne Steckel, NBB’s vice president of federal affairs. “That’s why Congress passed the RFS in the first place with huge bipartisan support, and it’s why we can’t let up on these goals now.”

Made from an increasingly diverse mix of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean oil and animal fats, biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that can be used in existing diesel engines. It is the first and only commercial-scale fuel produced across the U.S. to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition as an Advanced Biofuel – meaning the EPA has determined that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent when compared with petroleum diesel. It is produced in nearly every state in the country and last year supported some 50,000 jobs nationwide. NBB is the U.S. biodiesel trade association.

Contemplating the Summer Harvest of veggies way before anything is ready to eat. And I am contemplating the whole hill and how I am planning an all out assault of the SteveOh BeanSeed planting in the fall. My goal is plant a Fava bean for every square foot of the hill. Need to figure out how many beans that is.

Fava Beans add a lot of nitrogen to the soil, and their roots help break up highly compacted soil. Since the Favas grow well all through fall, winter and spring, and our rainy season, they should take care of themselves.

In one of the beds at the top of the hill, I have been planting and replanting Favas on the front half of the bed. That bed has been planted with potatoes after the last Fava Bean harvest. The potato plants in that front portion of the bed are TWICE the size of the potato plants on the back side of the bed.

Hence my enthusiasm for planting Favas where ever we want better soil.

Have planted Favas around the pomegranate on the side of the house, and this year we have more blossoms than we have ever had. I plant Favas around some of the fruit trees, and these trees appear to be doing much better than last year.

Plant more favas! Then harvest when the pods have gone black and gotten crunchy. Replant those beans, season after season until your soil has become loose and fertile. For the summer I have Santa Maria Beans, and I’m thinking a runner bean such as the Scarlet Runner.

Now I want a hundred acres on fertile lands to grow food to feed people.
orchard grass?

lady bug
ladybug feasting on aphids feasting on fava bean leaves

Some grass growing at the top of the hill. I have no idea what kind this is, but am researching. We’ve scattered seeds here and there of orchard grass, and various clovers to help with erosion, and to add nitrogen back to the soil. Of course this could be a grass that what already here.

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My friends at Sirona Fuels in Oakland, California, have just announced they are re-branding their company, and going back to their old branding of Blue Sky Biofuels.

Blue Sky Biofuels are in same location and produce the same high quality beyond ASTM Biodiesel for use in Diesel cars and trucks that support B99 Biodiesel.

B99 Biodiesel is made from 99% non-dino or fossil fuels, rather it is made from recycled used restaurant fryer grease and oil. This keeps old cooking oil out of our sewer systems, out of landfills
and out of animal feedlots.

Blue Sky Biofuels is in the business to collect used cooking oil from restaurants, industry and even households, clean and filter it, and chemically convert it to ASTM Biofuel or biodiesel that can be used in compatible diesel vehicles for up to 70% less pollution from carbon and green house gases. In this day and age of global climate change, we have to take steps to reduce our use in fossil fuels, and help the environment. It’s up to our generation to work now to make it better for our children and grandchildren. Blue Sky Biofuels is committed to doing what is right, and reduce pollution while providing a valuable source of energy that might go wasted or used in a way that is toxic to the animals we raise for food. Yes, using cooking oil no longer fit for human consumption for animal feed is toxic to the animal. Blue Sky is a certified Bay Area Green Business.

We Buy Used Cooking Oil, Grease and Fats

Blue Sky Biofuels is located in Oakland, California, and we collect used cooking oil, fats and greasefree of charge from restaurants and industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and surrounding areas. Blue Sky Biofuels will pay industry rates for quantities of used cooking oil, grease and fats.

Grease Trap Cleaning

In addition to collecting used cooking oil, fats and greases, and making or producing biodiesel, Blue Sky also offers grease trap cleaning, pumping, and maintenance for restaurants and industry in the SFBay Area, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and the greater Bay Area. Blue Sky Biofuels is the Bay Biodiesel source.

Where to recycle used cooking oil

Locations for Restaurant and industry used cooking oil, grease and fats collection and recycling: Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, SFBay, San Francisco Bay Area, SF Bay, Northern California.

Locations for Restaurant and industry used cooking oil, grease and fats collection and recycling: Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, SFBay, San Francisco Bay Area, SF Bay, Northern California.

Biofuel Locations:

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I run Biodiesel in my 1997 Dodge Ram with a 5.9 liter straight six Cummins. With the P7100 fuel injection pump, this diesel engine runs happily on B99 or B100 Biodiesel. It runs quieter since Biodiesel has more viscosity than petroleum based diesel, and it has as much power and gets as good as fuel mileage as diesel. The exhaust smells like fryer oil, and is much easier to smell than the acrid smell of the petro based diesel. And the biodiesel is about 70% less polluting than the fossil fuel diesel.

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Where to buy Biodiesel

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Restaurant Fats, Oils, and Grease Collection

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Grease Trap Cleaning Service Locations

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Biodiesel Definitions

Fossil Fuels:
Petroleum Diesel:

ASTM biodiesel
ASTM Certified biodiesel

5br Vallejo Home For Rent
5br, 1.5ba single-family house
Available Jan 1st

Spacious 1936 gem in Vallejo’s Morningside neighborhood. This well loved home has two stories, 1,750 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms; beautiful hardwood floors with inlay; big arched floor-to-ceiling window in living room; sunny dining room with built-in china cabinets; laundry room with washer and dryer and storage shelves; large kitchen with refrigerator, gas range, original tile countertops; large bathroom with walk-in shower and bathtub; two-car detached garage and long driveway.

appliances–refrigerator, gas range, washer and dryer
gas floor heaters
detached 2-car garage
large 3-level deck
landscaped lot with front and back yards
mature apple and grapefruit trees
rock and iris gardens
raised garden beds
coop and run for backyard chickens
pets okay

Owners are scheduling appointments to view this beautiful Vallejo home. Please email us if you’re interested.


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