Moschetti Visit: Kenyan, Yirgacheffe Blue Berry Bomb, and Bunn Trifecta!

Went by Fabrice Moschetti’s NorCal Coffee Roasting Business on Saturday and got to shoot the breeze with Fabrice, and taste some coffee, and get to see the new Bunn Trifecta machine he just got.

Up first was the coffee. Fabrice must have had ten or more variety of coffees to taste. I started with his 100% Kona which was it’s characteristic smooth chocolately flavor, and I followed with a taste of Yirgacheffe. This is the blue berry bomb. For some reason I tasted the fruitiness but not the blueberry. Could be my taste buds were tired. Anywho, went on to taste a few other coffees.

Bunn Trifecta - Programable Single Shot Coffee Machine

Then Fabrice showed me his new Bunn Trifecta, a high-tech single-cup coffee machine. It’s essentially a programmable French Press with three modes: preinfusion, turbulence and press-out. Very, interesting machine.

It was fun to watch and the Yirgacheffe I tried was delicious. It had that typical French Press, cloudiness, and richness. I then had a cup of Kenyan, that absolutely blew me away with the rich complex flavor. I fell in love with the Kenyan.

Then Fabrice said I should then re-try the Yirgacheffe, I did and once again I was blown away. The Blue Berry Bomb returned in all it’s glory, only this time it was a simple cup of coffee rather than an espresso. It’s as though the Kenyan reset my taste buds.

Wow. Now I wish I’d bought a couple bags of Kenyan Coffee, and a couple bags of Yirgacheffe to get me through the week with the most incredible coffee flavors ever.

What a marvelous visit. Do yourself a favor, if you love coffee, then go by Moschetti’s for the Freshest and Tastiest Coffee in Northern California. Moschetti has free coffee tastings most Saturdays from 9-1pm. You can also buy Fresh Slow Roasted Gourmet Coffee Online. I’m a huge fan.

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